princesscourtney | 11.16.2018 | Reports - Domestic Duties

After this sissy got home from work tonight she put on her panties and her home making dress.

She felt so good as the sissy put chicken and rice in the oven making sure to bend at the knees as to not show her panties. While the oven was on she straightened up her makeup and got rid of all the clutter and dusted off the table because her Superiors would be home shortly.

A warm fire was made and the place looked so inviting for the sissy’s Superiors. The act of cleaning and cooking made this sissy so happy and complete. This sissy desires to make her Superiors feel comfortable and relaxed. This sissy only desires what her Superiors want, and they want to feel relaxed and happy when they come home. This sissy only listens to them because this sissy’s thoughts do not matter.

This sissy is complete knowing she is making her Superiors happy while being dressed as the perfect domesticated lady.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Its always so good to see Our girls focused on domestics and service to their Superior. Great application of the training courtney!