The curtsy
traci-medina | 04.05.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has read and understood the Zen of Servitude and is bringing those principles into her being. She has noticed while typing this that her legs are tightly together. She is wearing her panties and negligee, getting ready for bed.

Although she knows she has not done enough, she has been thinking of the things she has done to show her devotion to Women. To be considerate, she has held open doors today, and has helped the Women in the café clean up a coffee spill. Upon reflection, she has been this way a long time. Reading the list of qualities, she noticed that she is already well down the list, having replaced the male traits to a large degree.

To remind herself every day of her status as a sissy servant, she will keep her toenails painted and wear a corset whenever possible. Her special bedtime panties have a dildo in them which she will tuck in tightly and sleep in.

This sissy is going to bed now, and will dream of her new life as it begins today.

It is a certainty that she has made some mistakes and fallen short in some way, so she would like to apologize for her failures in advance, and accepts any punishment due to her.

Thank You for Your time and consideration in reading this sissy’s first report.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Good start sweetie! Be sure to resubmit for Level II and III as you apply the teachings.