sissy-pat | 09.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Proper tucking has always been a mystery to this sissy, despite all the detailed descriptions from many sources. sissy must have been in bimbo mode because it finally came to her.

sissy was always looking for some magic place the tessies would tuck and stay there. they simply tuck up to the base of the penis. at that point the the empty ball sack can be wrapped up on top of the clitty and taped so the tessies don’t slide back into the sack. a good pair of SPANX by hanes will hold the clitty tight between the legs. tucking transforms the ugly bulge into what resembles Vulu. tucking makes sure that sissies complete emasculation from shaving is maintained (plucked and tucked).

It also brings to mind that the ball sack is now empty, a condition that Madame Stewart strives hard to eventually achieve in every one of us.

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11 months ago

kisses and curtsy madame stewart. this sissy thinks ball sacks are a waste of time .this sissy wishes that they were gone. this sissy feels thet are only good for a leash chain
kisses mistress and bow

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent tuck honey!