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This sissy has been the property of Mistress Delia since 1995. Servitude is the proper state for a sissy. The requirements set out in the Servitude Assignment are clearly necessary for the improvement of a sissy.

A sissy must make sure that the Mistress’s home life runs completely smoothly, so, of course, the sissy deals with all the menial tasks such as all the housework, shopping and coking etc. The sissy must always be ready to aid the Mistress in whatever way She needs. This includes welcoming the Mistress’s guests to the Mistress’s home. Just like the Mistress herself, guests must always be greeted with a curtsey.

On the qualities of a good sissy, this sissy would be horrified if anyone suggested that the sissy was aggressive or demanding or, worst of all, commanding. This sissy is now passive, giving and, above all else, obedient. Of my Mistress’s Rules for sissy behaviour, Rule 1 is that a sissy must always obey orders from a Mistress.

My Mistress has required that this sissy should wear a bra and panties (or pantie-girdle, when wearing a girdle beneath this sissy’s Victorian maid’s uniform) every day since She came to command this sissy.

My Mistress requires that my walking and posture should, in Her words, “scream out “sissy” to the world”. Only the shortest of steps, with one foot placed in front of the other, is acceptable. If this sissy ever sits with either knees or ankles apart, my Mistress is quick to censure me; punishment will follow as this helps this sissy become a better sissy.

Of course, a Mistress has an absolute right to punish and/or humiliate a sissy, with the aim of improving the sissy. For example, my Mistress always gives this sissy six with the plimsoll every morning on this sissy’s panties, just as a reminder of this sissy’s status. And, should this sissy do anything wrong at work, my Mistress is sure to slap me – hard.

Where this sissy works, there are, apart from my Mistress, three other Ladies. Naturally, I treat them all with respect, reminding them that this sissy is there to help them in any way they require to do their jobs.

To conclude, regarding the three questions asked at the end of the Assignment:-

I. this sissy serves her Mistress every day;
II. Her needs always come first; and
III. this sissy is about to wake her Mistress with an early morning cup of coffee, and will await Her orders.

This sissy remains a most obedient servant, in deep servitude, with many curtseys

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  1. What an incredible report queenie-limpcock! you are fortunate indeed, with an added bonus of serving two additional Ladies in addition to your Mistress when at work.

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