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This sissy would like to begin by thanking the Masturbation Control Board for the gifted permission of this sissy’s wanking. S.he knows The House owns h.er little clittie. That’s why s.he wants The House knows that s.he try to wank like a proper sissy.

When this sissy received at twelve h.er « Congratulations! It’s your Special Day! » mail, s.he was very happy and aroused. But she knew that s.he had to follow The House rules concerning masturbation. That’s why she began to take a quick shower to be clean and smell feminine. Then s.he took h.er leopard outfit and h.er black heels. (S.he wants to buy a proper special day outfit but it will be for later.)

Then this sissy went on h.er bed. S.he didnt want to deceive h.er Superior so s.he read again 4 times the 101 masturbation. Then s.he read h.er approved fantasy for the day. At first s.he wasnt very happy with h.er approved fantasy but it was h.er sister fantasy (but) especially h.er approved fantasy given by the Masturbation Control Board. Therefore this sissy read it 5 times and h.er approved fantasy became h.er fantasy.

At this time this sissy was very aroused so s.he took the position :lying on h.er back, knees up and legs spread apart. She repeated these sentences ( My name is Lhyn. Lhyn is a pretty sissy) and s.he began to use h.er right tumb and forefinger on h.er little clitties as instructed while h.er left hand play with h.er nipples. S.he came quick, h.er girly juice shooted on h.er finger and on h.er belly.

S.he knew s.he should perform some distinctly submissive, feminine act, in defiance of h.er loss of desire. But this little sissy brain was only focus on h.er reward. A voice in h.er head screamed « Tu vas pas faireça !» (this sissy is french). S.he repeated h.erself / s.he is a sissy / it’s h.er rewards / s.he must enjoy it / for fight h.er male ego. Finally this sissy licks h.er finger. It was hot, salty with a weird taste. It was no good and no bad. S.he cleaned h.erseft and swallow all h.er cum.

This sissy must learn to enjoy h.er rewards and pratice h.er sissy skill to use intermadiate wanking or advanced behaviour.The scond wanking will beguin soon. S.he will practice h.er english too.

Thank You Mistress.
Litteraly yours,
Sissy Lhyn
*Curtsey *


  1. that is wonderful that you opened yourself up to the fantasy that another sissy poured her own carnal desires towards writing. submitting your desires and allowing them to be dictated by another is a true sign of a wanton slut 😉

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