ashleyray | 10.09.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

For a sissy to have learned proper etiquette, she demonstrates the foundational behaviors of a sissy: humility, respect, and submission. A sissy carries these behaviors wherever she goes, both online and off, permeating her entire existence.

For sissy ashleyrae to be a good sissy of the House, she must first extend her humility, respect and submission to her Superiors, and then humility and respect to her fellow sissy sisters. Since the House is primarily based on written communication, ensuring all communication is positive and humble, and displays proper grammar and punctuation is a must. Moreover, Superiors are to always be addressed in capitalized form, whereas sissies are to always be addressed in lowercase form. This demonstrates and reinforces the sissy’s lower, subservient status, which sissy ashleyrae graciously accepts. Demonstrating patience and following threads are very important as well.

One aspect that was new to sissy ashleyrae was the proper way a sissy should refer to herself—in the third person. This is an extremely powerful rule. First, when a sissy refers to herself in third person it reinforces what she truly is, a sissy. But also it’s an act of submission. By shedding the selfish self, I, me, myself, a sissy submits that she does not belong to herself but to the Superiors of the world. sissy ashleyrae confesses that this realization made her clitty tingle and throb, leaving her very flustered. sissy ashleyrae isn’t sure if this arousal association is normal and will defer to the Superiors.

Lastly, sissy ashleyrae must accept that despite how many rules she may know regarding the ways of the House, she’ll never know them all, nor does she have any right.

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11 months ago

This sissy thanks sister. This sissy reads all reports for inspiration.

11 months ago

Wonderful report honey.

Madame Stewart
11 months ago

The best etiquette report EVER! Nothing makes a Superior happier than when a girl has the realization. I hope it does make you tingle!