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satinsissymegan | 03.25.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has learned so much from her first assignment and would love to thank You for the opportunity. For my first assignment, i read “The Zen of Servitude.” The lesson had a lot of really smart points that i am trying to learn. i will try to focus on learning sissy arts that will be useful to a Mistress such as cooking and cleaning and learning to sexually please my Mistress. i will be clean, be a good sissy host, and will massage and care for Mistress in any way i can.

i also learned that i need to stop biting my nails so I can have a proper sissy demeanor. i will do stop biting them now because i want to be a good girl so much. Another important thing i learned is to remember not to listen to feelings i used to have like being aggressive or in-charge and instead being giving and passive. i also need to focus on having a pretty posture for my Mistress and focusing on my perfect sissy look. i really want to be like that and will try as hard as i can to learn. i know that Mistresses and Women around me deserve for me to look pretty and sexy for them and i want to be that way the best i can.

One rule from the lesson that i already follow is mandary panties. i have been wearing panties 24/7 for about 8 years, most of my adult life.

One other important thing that i made a note on and will always keep on my mind is to remember if i am treating Women around me like Goddesses and if i am demonstrating my sissy nature. i will make sure that i remember to do so.

Thank You so so much for the lesson and for reading this Mistress,

sissy megan


  1. Empty headed is right honey. Guess what you did? You didn’t follow etiquette. Just count how many self referential “I”‘s are in your report sweetie. Resubmit for your badge, and focus on others like We asked!

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