jp | 05.31.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

thank you for inviting me to make a report to you. today is my first day in the house of sissify and i have finally found a place where i belong.

for around 10 years now i have been shaving my legs and everywhere below the waist. it feels so wonderful and feminine when my legs slip and slide inside my male trousers. now i have submitted to the house of sissify, there is an extra sense of sissiness (if that is the right word) that what i am doing is perfectly normal and i am in good company.

at the end of the week i finish work and head to the shower. peeling off my work clothes and my m&s panties, i slip into the shower. the warm water cascades over me cleansing away the maleness of my working environment. finally i can relax and embrace my femininity. taking the foaming soap i smooth it all over my legs, gliding the venus blade in long smooth strokes evenly up making sure i cover every inch. i finish between my legs until i feel completely smooth and baby fresh, reminding myself “i am a pretty sissy, i am a pretty sissy.”

once dry i powder myself with a delicately scented talc. i don’t use perfumes, but it nice to smell fresh and feminine before i dress. if there is time, i use body lotion which adds an extra layer of slipperiness to the feel of the skin. i can then select a pair of delicate weekend special lacy or satin panties, feeling them glide effortlessly up my thighs and into place, before i complete dressing and go to serve my lovely wife/goddess.

thank you.



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