Proper Correspondence Etiquette


helencoyote | 08.30.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Madame Stewart and House Superiors,

Curtsies. Thank you for this assignment. This sissy is reading closely and trying he.r best to practice and self correct. s.he knows that self correction is a challenge for he.r, and she is so grateful to have Superiors to help he.r. Thank You.

Humility: This seems easy most of the time. Every page at the House has the message, and it is at the bottom. That is structurally sound and understandable, and this sissy finds it very satisfying. It is in the comportment of the sissy and in he.r attitude about he.rself that is conveyed in all s.he does that he.r training shows. Sarcasm, narcissism, arrogance are discouraged and very poor to practice or to observe in he.rself. This sissy does not feel them now, but knows they are easily accessible to he.r. s.he is not well trained and appreciates that Superiors present a training that is building from the basics and from the bottom. Right now, this sissy is feeling blue. s.he is alone. s.he has been reading House fiction and is jealous of the fictional characters. s.he is not a woman. s.he is a man with a yearning to feel pretty and to think and act like a submissive. s.he wants to serve Women but is embarrassed that s.he is not one and knows Women laugh at he.r desires. It is a ridiculous undertaking, so from that standpoint humility is easy. he.r being alone reinforces that, and s.he is embarrassed to be he.r. On the other hand, as soon as s.he sits with that emotion, s.he feels her longings and he.r desires for her femme self, and then s.he is left in a muddle of humility and narcissism and self-pity and sarcasm; s.he knows that etiquette is a constant rebuke to these mixed-up underfeelings; she appreciates as a metaphor that he.r undergarments are beautiful to he.r and give he.r a sense of sexiness but are also a rebuke and a humiliation for he.r perverse desires and a reminder that s.he is not a woman but some kind of creature; she wants to learn lessons to surrender he.rself to he.r Superiors; s.he wants submissiveness to annihilate he.r wrong mind. s.he supposes sulking is a kind of arrogance and is trying to use this assignment to stop doing this. s.he apologizes to the Staff Superior reading this. s.he is trying to be honest but maybe s.he should just try harder to be sissy.
Yelling: this sissy would never yell in writing, but s.he does yell sometimes in he.r life, and then s.he feels miserable about he.rself. s.he expresses he.rself with impatience and arrogance at times then feels badly and frustrated. s.he has improved but still it happens. s.he has been tantrummy since s.he was four or five. s.he has read the Proper Etiquette material and knows that s.he is wrong, and there can be no reasons.
Case: this one is comfortable with lower case and understands the significance and feels thankful and calm using lower case.
Me me me: this sissy is thankful to Superiors for the training regarding me me me. s.he does believe s.he practices humility a lot but does catch he.rself in arrogant assertion of he.rself in he.r interactions with he.r Female Superior at times and Women at times, and s.he knows this must stop.
Composition, grammar and who’s who: s.he does try and pay attention to grammar and composition. s.he loves it that House Superiors pay the careful attention They do to he.r assignments and he.r questions. s.he does not feel s.he deserves it and takes it as a salvation. Thank You. Bless You.
This sissy understands the importance of keeping the thread. s.he wonders if when she replies to a thread s.he should put he.r response at the top or the bottom of the thread. The bottom seems natural, but the top makes it easier for He.r Superior, so that seems maybe to be the better choice.
This sissy understands the amount of mail the Superiors receive, and s.he does understands s.he needs to wait. s.he does have a lot of anticipatory excitement about replies, so s.he checks he.r email frequently. It is always so thrilling to get a reply; s.he does not mind waiting, and it teaches he.r humility and he.r place, and s.he needs constant reminders of this so s.he is grateful.
This sissy appreciates the handy hints. This sissy knows that s.he is always wrong. s.he wants to stop being wrong all the time and mind read better and learn to correct the habits that are repetitive wrongs for he.r. s.he recognizes the narcissism and arrogance of saying s.he is wrong yet not correcting. s.he begs her House Superiors to help he.r with this, though s.he knows that ultimately it is up to he.r. s.he loves the hint and reminder to mind read at all times. Women are intuitive. the training of the House is to make this sissy learn from Women in Their thinking and capacities. s.he knows practicing mind reading will help her increase he.r intuitive skills. The House Superiors and Madame Stewart end by saying that this exercise did not hurt a bit. This sissy reads a profound lesson and meditation in this. s.he found that the exercise did hurt, as it caused he.r to have to acknowledge and reflect on he.r poor status in training right now and he.r need to learn the very basics in order to grow. s.he mind reads that Madame Stewart knows that this exercise can hurt but is sending a message to change the sissy’s attitude when she says that it did not hurt. It only hurts the parts of this sissy that are arrogant and narcissistic, and it does not hurt the self that she must become; s.he must remain calm to appropriately gain and grow from the House training and the constant reminders of he.r status that etiquette provides.

Thankful in submission,



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