jennibel | 01.09.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

jennibel has learned much about he.rself and he.r place through this act of submission. Foot worship is an overt act of submission – there is no performing the act without the recipient realizing something of the sissy’s true nature. It serves therefore as a great way for a Superior to test Her sissy for he.r submissive desire’s sincerity.

After She had received much attention from Her sissy, jennibel’s Wife was apparently beginning to understand the way the tide was turning. Perhaps inspired from Her readings, perhaps entirely on Her own initiative – but from jennibel’s perspective quite out of nowhere – She told jennibel “Kiss my feet”. This sissy of course complied and gently and loving kissed the foot that Wife had raised off the ground. “I said *feet*” she sternly said as jennibel moved to get up.

This was the start of what would become a routine of foot care for he.r Wife. At least once a week Wife comes home from work and complains about having to be on her feet all day, so jennibel dutifully waits for Wife to settle down and s.he gently removes her shoes and socks – or tights (pantyhose) if that is what She is wearing that day – applies a moisturizing lotion and patiently massages Her feet. jennibel spends at least ten minutes on each foot up to twenty minutes depending on Wife’s tolerance for sissy attentions that day. Wife does not like having Her toes touched but jennibel has learned how to give adequate massages without upsetting Wife’s poor toes; this sissy is aware that she still needs practice to perfect he.r ministrations.

On a few occasions, Wife will give this sissy the honour of worshipping Her feet with he.r mouth so jennibel can take in Her perfect fragrance. One time Wife pressed her foot down on jennibel’s throat so that jennibel felt completely at Her mercy. jennibel was even given the greatest of rewards when he.r Wife used Her pretty toes to squeeze and tease jennibel’s nipples, or as Wife sometimes calls them – he.r chest clits. jennibel does not look after Her feet so that s.he might be rewarded, but it pleases Wife to see jennibel squirm and struggle sometimes.

Because this sissy’s Wife does not like her toes being touched, pedicures are out of the question but jennibel strives to ensure Her feet are well looked after in all other ways now. Although jennibel enjoys every minute of the experiences he.r Wife allows her to have, s.he knows that the reason for the kisses and massages are for Her comfort and satisfaction. Knowing this, gives jennibel a sense of peace and contentment that s.he never received when s.he would selfishly pursue he.r Wife for sissy clitty stimulation. And jennibel’s Wife is very happy with the new arrangement. She gets relaxing massages whenever She wants and a patient sissy to unload her worries of the day onto as sissy must listen to Wife with particular attentiveness while caring for her feet.

Thank you Madame for helping jennibel achieve a mindset and attitude which would inspire he.r Wife to ‘find Her feet’ and begin to enjoy the perks of having a sissy slave, projecting Her dominant character to get what She wants when She wants it!


PS Wife allowed one photo to be taken, jennibel is very sorry to Madame it did not come out very clearly, but her focus was on Wife so the focus of the shot suffered

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1 year ago

Jennibel, great job!! It is so great to hear of a happy Mistress!!

lana ros
1 year ago

That change that pours trough cracks is so present. Mighty 🙂

sissy gracie
1 year ago

what a truly wonderful accomplishment for you sweetie… this sissy is so very happy for you and hopes your Mistress allows you to be a very attentive sissy..

princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister, what a wonderful, wonderful story of service and pleasure given your Superior. this sissy has offerred to massage sissy’s Superiors et and been rejected. But perhaps one day? the best achievement sissy has had is putting shoes, sandals or heels on Wife’s feet and those have each been allowed only one or two times. congratulations dear sister 🙂

1 year ago

What a lovely story of submission! This girl is inspired!!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Nothing makes Me happier than a sissy finding Service to her Superior brings them closer together! Great job jennibel!