lounge at radio city music hall
alexandra | 10.10.2018 | Reports - Womens Studies

…and the Happy Glow that it Gives this Girl

This sissy has turned her attention to the assignment entitled Sissy Lounge and most humbly wishes to share her thoughts and experience with Madame Stewart, the Staff and her sissy sisters.

This girl must first confess that she lacks the courage to step out of her office in her feminine dress, walk down the hall in her best feminine walk in 4 inch heels and step into the women’s restroom and do her business. Unfortunately, however, this sissy has only used public restrooms while masquerading as a man. Nevertheless, she is doing her best to use the restroom to eliminate her residue in the most feminine way possible.

When starting her restroom experience, this girl is most conscious of approaching the restroom in her best feminine walk with her feet taking short steps in a straight line and with a bit of wiggle in her hips. She keeps her arms bent at the elbow, slightly away from her body and loose with wrists slightly bent. This girl feels a palpable tingle of femininity whenever feels her arms moving limply at her sides in her walk.

When she reaches the restroom she opens the door daintily and notices if there are any real men in the room. Especially it there are real men present, she makes a point of taking her time while she looks at herself in the mirror and fixes her hair and checks her lipstick. She then proceeds to the toilet where she delicately unfastens her pants and lowers them to reveal her panties for the day. She lowers her panties and gently settles herself on the toilet seat.

She then makes sure that her clitty is between her legs which she makes sure are close together the way any proper girl would sit. She keeps her back erect allowing her small breasts to extend as much as possible for her. This girl then breathes a sigh and thinks about how much she loves being a girl as she feels the sensation of her clitty eliminating her residue. When she is satisfied that all of her residue has been released she takes a small piece of toilet paper and gently dabs the end of her clitty. She is careful not to focus on or stimulate the clitty.

When done this girl will pull up her panties and make sure that her clitty is properly tucked and the pull up her pants and fasten them. As she emerges from the toilet she reviews her hair and lipstick once again in the mirror as she carefully washes her hands. This girl does indulge herself with periodic manicures and pedicures so she makes a point of checking on the status of her mails. Once again she also looks for real men and uses her most feminine walk to leave the restroom.

The assignment did make this girl jealous of the luxury of some of the wonderful womens lounges that exist and that she will most likely never get to experience. She did a bit of research and found pictures of the extraordinary mural in the womens lounge at Radio City Music Hall. The mural is appropriately titled “The History of Cosmetics”! This sissy is aware that there are also many other theaters in New York with luxurious womens lounges that she will not experience.

This girl hopes that Madame Stewart and the Staff find this report to be of interest. She is most appreciative of the guidance offered to her and gets a warm feminine feeling now whenever she goes to the restroom for which she is very grateful.

Curtsy, Hugs and Kisses!



  1. This is an excellent report, alexandra, well deserving a perfect score. This sissy wishes that s.he could write so well. There is a real sense of balance to your prose, and the narrative itself is thoughtful and detailed in every way. Very well done, sister. 🙂

  2. Lovely report! This sissy likes your emotions and how you wrote them down, the rhythm. This assignment deeply inspired h.er. Unfortunately today most of luxurious restrooms are part of even much more luxurious spaces so it partly breaks that magic of Woman space (temple?). Still, that core, respect and getting in touch with our self is important and carries something good that needs to be carried for the future and that good is not just for us sissies.

  3. oh my gosh, sister! what a marvelous report! this sissy slave remembers being in some of the old, classic, style “gentleman’s rooms” where the was an attendant to provide anything you want, like soaps, towels, cigarettes or cigars etc. unfailingly polite and open to conversation, but never trying to start one. usually chairs were available to relax etc. this old slut can remember them well, sigh.

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