Service in Folding
sera-2 | 12.01.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

As an effort to delve deeper into the propriety that befits a sissy and the servitude that s.he should engage in making he.r Superior’s life better s.he’s taken it upon he.rself to do the dishes and do more than merely do the laundry, but to also fold it for her Wife when s.he does it as well. While this sissy does not have a Mistress as her Wife, while superior, does not engage in the sissification of this girl s.he continues to attempt to live the life of a proper girl. For example, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and taking out the trash so he.r Wife can relax and enjoy Herself. Thusly, beyond continuing on this path of submission and propriety s.he will also try to work on he.r etiquette in appearances as well.

It is to this sissy’s great shame that s.he does not have panties of her own as using her Wife’s would be improper. Would it be possible for a Superior to offer a suggestion that is more appropriate for this girl to wear? S.he is a sissybaby and does, on occasion, wear nappies, but lacks a proper pair of panties.

The trio of queries posed at the end of this training shall be at the forefront of he.r mind, especially that last one as it helps he.r to do more than s.he already endeavors to do in her daily life.

Have i served a woman today?
Have i placed a Womans needs above my own this day?
Have i identified and done some act (no matter how small) that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?
If not stop NOW, and go and do it!

Attached I have offered proof that this sissy has folded the laundry (with another load ready to run in the morning) and hung up those items that are not meant to be dried. However, any recommendations on how to better fold or be a good girl would be highly appreciated, ma’am.

Thank you very much,



  1. Excellent intention to be a proper sissy in servitude honey, but not having your panties on – and admitting to not owning any – lost you two points! Panties are MANDATORY at the House. Nappies? No. No. No. We want Our girls to have their big girl panties on before starting Our training regimen, and you are no exception. I recommend applying the Assignment “The Secret sissy” below as your next task.

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