teresa-wilder | 03.01.2019 | Reports - Womens Studies

Aunt Flo arrived for first time, first thing in the morning. Much anticipated as when Auntie would arrive. Looking forward to the change from girl to sissy/woman.

Well it has been an eye opening change. The first day was not to bad. Lite pad used, that was fine, started increasing water intake. Day two , lite pad and introduction to TAMPONS, had played around with there use in the past,started with regular size. By the time second day was over bloating was in effect. Days 3 and 4 were regular tampons and maxi pads with wings. Bloating was painful, cramps to some degree , had started taking MIDOL late in day two.

Day 3 was rough, trouble sleeping and in bathroom a lot , setting of course. Did not eat well, so bloated. Laid in bed about 4 a.m. mind racing , thinking of all the things sissy needed to shop for as soon as possible razors, wig,clothes, supper pads about out, make up, ear rings,in general sissy stuff.

By day 4 sissy was not needing a laxative, fluid flowing very good and rapid from both. This was a Saturday / Sunday. Thinking what was sissy going to do at work , if this happens huummm ? Sissy had been keeping notes on a tablet of paper of s.he thoughts, feelings and times, such things.
As sissy looked at s.he notes ,noticed my water intake was bulky, meaning to much in short burst , mainly in day time. This should spread out for best results, just wanting to please superiors by knowing sissy had consumed the extra water. Was doing 16 oz. at a time. Sissy will adjust next cycle. Also have purchased a planner to keep better track.

Sissy’s nipples , s.he knows exactly where they are at . Between ICY HOT and wood spring clothes pins for clamps , discomfort , fullness, swelling, what ever you would call it , Sissy was feeling it. Placement of clips not same every time and with bra on that seemed to add a bit an interesting twist when sissy let loose and removed hand from bra cup. The cup then had a mind to move things. I’m guessing Aunt flo intended them to be in place longer. Wearing same bra through out, it has adsorbed enough ice hot,sissy thinking just wear it and the effects will be there.

Late day 3 was getting irritation of anal vagina lips, assume from pull string or the sissy tail as I call it. Maxi pad working on it as well. This went on till about day 4, from there on didn’t know, care or feel tampon, just something this sissy will do going on. The fliud flows from always being in the bathroom had made that irritation a inconvenience . Also baby wipes are a good thing to have close at hand.

Physical effects on the body sissy had anticipated . The added shopping , the sudden need to carry a purse and sudden bathroom needs were not things sissy had not give thought to.

The need for a purse is and will continue to be a must have. What to carry within ?had went shopping on Monday the 31 st as sissy was off work. That night the hand bag was full. Including laxative, midol, cell phone, both size pads, tampons, icey hot , great lash, eye liner, curler tool, one lip stick, lube for tampons , small zip lock bags for use if need to take used tampon / pad along with me. Question what more would teresa need while out ? more make up, yes . May be a douche and condoms in case it became play time, lets hope so. hair clips/bobby pins , extra panties ? This bag is to small.

Had been using a cincher for tummy before Aunt flo’s coming , then no wish to wear it. Aunt flo may have done much more for reductions as was so bloated sissy was not eating.

May this be sissy first of many reports on Womens Studies, looks sissy teresa has only begun this area of study , looking forward to more learning in this area .

Thank you to Auntflo and Superiors

your servant sissy teresa.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Aunties visits bring a rite of passage honey! You did very well, and it will become just a “girl thing” after another year!