The first as a sissy, not as a man

kiki906 | 06.11.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy was not granted the chance to serve a Woman today, she has had three interactions with Women today. The first was at work she was told by the Safety Department Head to complete computer assignments regarding the plant, she did so passing and completing each assignment after her work assignment was completed.

The second was at a gas station picking up cigarettes, sodas, and a five hour energy for her coworkers. After purchasing said items she said “thank you and have a nice evening” to the cashier. Then furthermore delivered the item’s to her coworker.

The third was at home, she ate dinner rinsed out her bowl and said goodnight yo her Mother. her Mother then proceeded to ask if she had remembered the dances they had learned the previous night. she remembered a few of them and practiced with her Mother in the kitchen but couldn’t remember the steps to the rest of the dances and headed to bed.

This sissy doesn’t believe she has identified or done some act that has further defined herself as a sissy servant that she is.


  1. princess sissy

    sissy has learned being a sissy has many dimensions. sister is clearly working at recognizing sister wants to grow in service and recognition of Superiors. good work! sissification is a journey that we all walk down, but speed is not the measurement, dedication and perseverance are important. xoxoxo

  2. eva

    Hi sister.

    Like Madame said, it is not easy, but life is full of surprise for the brave.
    And you were kind and obliging with the Women you met.
    Keep doing that 🙂 It is our purpose as sissies anyway. And a Superior might notice it 🙂

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