Special Day
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When getting up this morning, sissy clementine was thinking that she will maybe not follow the assignment due to the masturbation schedule, s.he had done some sport the day (tennis) before so s;he was in a very active mood. In a way, s.he was hoping that the Staff of the House will forget her.

Then later in the day, s.he finally had receive an e-mail from the Staff to remind her that it’s was her special day. At the end, of the e-mail was written an approved fantasy for her to wank herself.

It was about being partly feminised by a Girl and humiliated by Her and her Friends. This story started evidently to excite sissy clementine, s.he had to go outside doing some shopping to calm down and organise herself in her head. But she still had some doubt about what s.he was really going to do.

One of the strange things of this day and which also convince sissy clementine to respect the masturbation schedule of the House is that s.he had receive by mail a command that s.he has passed on amazon almost one week ago. It was 3 pairs of stockings and 3 leather necklaces with a metal hearth. Also, in the fantasy which was approved and give by the Staff for her wanking, it was describe that s.he must imagine wearing a plain white t-shirt and by coincidence (was it?), s.he was wearing a t-shirt as described.

There was to many coincidences and this finally couldn’t do anything more than to respect her special day.

So s.he has read again the fantasy sand by the Staff and she decided to wear some clothes similar to the clothes described in this fantasy (even if s.he didn’t got all the clothes and outfit described).

Sissy clementine put on her a pair of white stockings, some black high heels shoes and tie up around her neck one pink leather necklace.

The feeling of the stockings were very nice on her skin… It was so sweet.
Then as recommended in the Assignment Masturbation 101 she went on her bed and lie on her back with her knees up and her toes on the bed. With her two fingers s.he started to stroke her clitty.

Sissy clementine didn’t have to stroke a long time before going on her climax. Just being in this position, feeling the air over her ass pussy, was enough to get her to the climax. (It must be said that it has been 2 weeks since the last masturbation of sissy clementine).

After having her sissy orgasm, s.he stay a bit laying on her back, s.he put her fingers in the warm cum that was staying on a tissue and then start to lick her fingers. The texture of the cum was very sweet but the taste was not very tasty. It has remind sissy clementine something like raw white egg. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t excellent either… It was OK.

After this special wanking, sissy clementine was surprised to find herself such relax, s.he didn’t felt ashamed or guilty. S.he found that s.he had knew something real Girls knows and it was a relaxing feeling.

S.he also understand that more than only a sissy thing, what s.he has done was more a fag thing and that’s all right.

Curtsey to the Staff.

sissy clementine


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