The first step of the journey

evacles | 08.21.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy eva is so excited to share her first report!
she learns to sit properly, the difference with the old picture with the grey skirt and the new in thight jeans while sitting properly is huge.
This gurl reckons that a sissy should always be careful of her posture.
This silly sissy knows that she have to obey her Superiors and it comes with a proper kneeling position that sissy eva practiced dutifully.

This sissy has always been submissive and will be glad to learn even more.

Passive; always been,always be
Emotional; This sissy cries a lot watching sad movies
Self Effacing: The Others are better anyway.
Giving: This sissy enjoy giving more than receiving. she likes to put a smile on People’s face.
Reliant: she wouldn’t be here otherwise.
Obedient; This sissy will do everything she’s told.
Soft: this obedient sissy is a cream.
Smooth: she’ll try to be as smooth as possible.

This sissy wears panties all the time. She doesn’t have any male underwear anymore. It doesn’t suits her.

And finally, this sissy knows that Women are better. she’s always respectful to them and she lend a hand at work when she has the opportunity.

The wannabe perfect sissy



  1. Madame Stewart

    Good start eva! Next I want to hear how you applied these teachings, not only that you already imbibe them. I want to hear how the Assignment affected you, and how you grew and learned by the process.

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