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eva92 | 01.20.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

This sissy thanks You so much for allowing to study the ‘Zen of Servitude’ assignment. The ‘Zen of Servitude’ is this sissies first assignment and this is first report. So, this sissy really hopes to do this to Your satisfaction. This sissy would be very grateful to learn about any mistake s.he has done with this report.

Unfortunately, this sissy is currently not allowed to serve a Superior or Mistress 24/7. But this sissy is doing everything in the hope of being allowed to serve this way someday in the future. s.he definitely does everything to make the day better for every Woman s.he has the great pleasure to interact during the day. This sissy also started to wear panties exclusively. s.he was quite nervous to buy some panties in a real store (s.he has only done this online before), but s.he wanted to show the Superiors of the House her dedication and complete first assignment.

After this adrenalin rush, this sissy is really happy now to own enough panties to wear them every day. This sissy also constantly works on walking, kneeling and sitting. This sissy is aware, that the ‘Zen of Servitude’ assignment will never be finished, since every part of this assignment has to be repeated every day. But this sissy just wanted to let You know, that s.he is giving best to live as You showed to.

Love and Kisses ,



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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Wonderful report honey!