slave2em | 01.01.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Wow! This is exhilarating! This sissy has not shaved he.r legs before up until a couple of days ago. This sissy has never felt so sexy in he.r entire life. This sissy wishes that s.he had signed up sooner for the services of the House because s.he had shaved he.r legs inappropriately. This sissy had used an electric razor due to the length and s.he only had men’s razors while doing it. This sissy admits he.r mistakes and is very sorry for already disobeying he.r Superiors and shaming the House. This sissy is sad that s.he disappointed those just trying to help he.r but this sissy is also extremely excited to begin a truly feminine regimen of shaving and skin care from now on.

Mistress made one alteration due to the fact that this sissy is not public. This sissy’s arms and underarms still have hair. This sissy has no problem with having he.r hair removed but Mistress is worried about public opinion at this point.

Now that sissy has shaved he.r lower and upper body more consistently, sissy has purchased a new Venus razor and has begun creating a ritual for he.r shaving.

This sissy begins by asking Mistress permission to shave he.rself. This usually requires sissy to do a few things for Mistress beforehand. Cook Her breakfast, give Her a massage, or some more humiliating things like licking Her feet or sucking on Her strap-on.

Once sissy is given permission, Mistress says sissy’s eyes have been widening with delight. This sissy runs he.rself a bath and soaks in the warm, soapy water. Most would find soaking like this relaxing, but this sissy gets excited to the thought of smooth, sexy legs and torso. This sissy eagerly follows the guidance of Madame Stewart and the House created in this lesson, working he.r way down from toes to he.r groin. Each stroke of he.r razor brings sissy back to the femme form s.he dreams to have.

-roxy xoxo

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