ellie tucked
cornhawk | 06.19.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

ellie has returned to the House but this time she is trying to be fully committed. she knew she needed to put away that nasty tissue so she can look flat and proper for her house to please the Superiors of the house.
ellie starts nay making she her little ovaries got put back into its proper place and pulled her tissue back. Using a thing too small she used that to keep it in place and she even got a little camel toe so she is reminded of her clitty when she looks down or in the mirror. ellie has kept herself tucked. she even went to the bathroom and sat to tinkle. she saw a Man look at her panties sitting on the floor. she felt embarrassed and flush in the face but ellie is trying to be good and follow but her shyness and trying to be secret is hard.

Something to share sweetie?