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jennibel | 06.15.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

jennibel is happy to report that Wife has generously permitted this slut to worship Her Perfect and Divine Ass. From kissing Her cheecks to licking Her majestic anus – jennibel’s Wife has been very kind to jennibel in allowing it. Sometimes jennibel is even permitted to touch her silly clitty while worshipping – although the mess that can create is not always appreciated.

Still, it is good for jennibel to learn her place and gain a close and intimate relationship with the ideal form of ass so that she might understand how appreciate her own – and how she could use it to attract the eyes of Real Men.

The first step to that end is to prepare it in case Wife or any Real Man wishes to take a closer look, and this means keeping it shaven. jennibel has previously given her sissy cunt an occasional tidy up but has recently folded this shaving practice into her normal cleaning routine. As she gives it a final clean up jennibel also takes advantage of her warm soapy fingers to feel the inside of her vagina, relaxing and gripping imagining to herself how a Real Man would delight in the feeling of a sudden tightening of the sphincter.

With patience and experimentation this slut was able to locate her prostate, but using fingers she is only able to just brush gently across it. This is enough however, to induce a wobble to her knees so jennibel reserves this activity to her Special Days.

jennibel could not stop there. A sale or two later and she found herself with quite a collection of plugs and other associated devices. After fastidiously cleaning her pussy, and after some months of practice, jennibel can wear the smaller plugs all day and the larger ones for a couple of hours. she finds that picking a chore that will take a couple of hours or so and plugging and tucking results in her focussing on the chore and revelling in her submission. The time flies by, and those chores are done before she knows it!

On jennibel’s special day she takes out her plug and introduces her substitute man into her sissy pussy. this sissy has also acquired quite a selection of devices for foreplay and ‘mensimiles’ aka dildos. Sliding it into her results in waves of pleasure and a sense of passivity building through jennibel’s body. jennibel’s pathetic little clitty doesn’t always squirt its stickiness even though she feels a wonderful climax.

Wife does not participate in this sissy’s anal submission other than to occasionally laugh at jennibel’s growing collection. jennibel feels her entire approach to her sexuality has been permanently revolutionized after following the House’s teachings and she thanks Madame for the opportunity to become the best sissy she can be.

Respectfully Rectally,


  1. so wonderful! sissy adores sisters collection or dildos and plugs. they are so much fun. sissy likes to use a dildo like your large pale one to become more and more aroused. then sissy puts in a large plug and begins play with her nipples (which sissy finds incredibly arousing). sissy finds herself writhing around and humping her hips and eventually having an incredible orgasm. keep up your fantastic growth in “sissy-hood” dear sister

  2. a really nice collection sister. If sissy is luck, maybe one day, she’ll achieve a sissygasm just by playing with you pleasure buttom. And if that’s the case, then please give the tip !


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