sissygwen | 11.30.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

When this sissy thought as a man, when this sissy thought of myself as a man, this sissy used to do the least this sissy could do, for others, but also for myself. This sissy kept my place tidy. That is to say this sissy periodically moved the piles around. At work this sissy did the minimum, unless this sissy was truly interested in the task, which was seldom. This sissy never asked if this sissy could help someone, unless This sissy might gain something in return.

This sissy have been freed from the slavery of mediocrity.

When this sissy put on my first dress it may have been a lustful curiosity, but something changed inside when this sissy changed my outside. This sissy wanted to be sensitive, and tender, and caring, and protected by someone stronger and wiser than me. This sissy was none of those. So began the change to a new way of thinking.

At first it was just imitating the clothes, then the walk, and all the outward affects. But being a woman, or even a sissy, involves more than outward appearances. Thanks to the fine staff at Sissify, this sissy has come to realize that the essence of a woman is in her giving of herself to others. This makes her easy to take advantage by those who always take, but it makes her stronger inside.

This sissy is seeking to imitate this giving of self by becoming a servant of others. In the absence of a personal mistress this sissy has started practicing the feminine arts on her own, with the help of the training provided by sissify. As a token first step this sissy is paying more attention to details in her cleaning regimine, and in her personal grooming. Where a quick monthly pass with the vacuum sufficed, now this sissy is paying attention to all the dirt along the floorboards, and the grunge that has built up over the years.

It is a little thing, and serves no one but myself, but it trains this lowly sissy to serve others, so that this sissy will be ready to serve a proper superior when the time comes.


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