hypnostef | 01.13.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

After reading The Zen of Servitude this sissy humbly wishes to submit this report on her takeaways from the assignment.

The bestest takeaway from the lesson was that just because this sissy does not have a Mistress per se does not mean that s.he should not approach her life with a servitude first mindset! Sometimes it is easy to spend hours daydreaming about what this sissy might look like or feel like as a better sissy, but that does very little to actually get me closer being the submissive girl this sissy dreams about.

The Assignment also gave some specific ideas of things for this sissy to keep in mind. This sissy was happy that in some areas like panties and learning to cook well s.he has what s.he considers a strong starting point. Further, some other areas, like vocabulary, walking, sitting and kneeling are things that this sissy can and will incorporate into her daily routine for practice (see picture).

Where this sissy believes the most work is needed for her are areas like housekeeping and Women’s Studies. This sissy is happy to find that both of these categories are included in the training assignments and would welcome a suggestion from a peer or an order from a Superior regarding what the next bestest assignment would be!

Finally, the assignment ends on 3 questions.

  1. Have i served a woman today?
  2. Have i placed a Woman’s needs above my own this day?
  3. Have i identified and done some act (no matter how small) that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?

While this sissy believes the answers happen to be yes, yes, and yes for today this sissy knows that has not been the same for every day. This sissy will strive to ask herself these specific questions every day to get the same result.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

well done 🙂 the part concerning serice to Women is very well spoken. sissy thinks deference and praise can be applied to a check out clerk, a community event, a bank teller and more.