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Thank You Madame Stewart (curtsy) and House Superiors (curtsey) for such a wonderful training program. Since being granted admission to Your program this sissy has made tremendous progress. This sissy has included pictures of six-month time line. This sissy is a little over 6 months into training and, after taking a small break from House Training Assignments, this sissy is ready to recommit for the next phase of training and continuing sissification.

After assessing progress from first six months, this sissy is very pleased that s.he has achieved certain milestones and has not purged. This sissy has included photos of six month time-line. But achieving a small level of success breeds the desire for more feminization and sissification. Because it feels so wonderful, this sissy can only dream of what s.he will feel like six months from now! S.he knows it will only happens in small steps, and that’s o.k. But to make dreams into reality, this sissy needs achievable goals. To make this happen, goals need a specific focus. Therefore, for the next six months, this sissy’s will be committed to working on reinforcing previous training assignments and developing feminine appearance.

This sissy’s six-month goal: To modify daily behaviors to reinforce the feminization process and to complete specific training assignments to learn new skills and behaviors that will enhance feminine appearance.

Behavior Modification Goals: This, sissy’s focus will be personal hygiene, skin care, panties, and tucking. By developing a daily and weekly schedule, this sissy will integrate feminine behaviors into daily activities to include the following:

Shaving – This sissy will re-commit to shaving her legs and entire body at least twice each week. This sissy will commit to moisturizing skin, with a female body lotion, after every shower.

3 Step Skin Care Program – This sissy will also begin a daily 3-step skin care routine for face that includes cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing.

Panties and Tucking – This sissy will re-commit to tucking and wearing panties every day for six months, without exception. This sissy feels that by committing to these behaviors, s.he will be more successful in accomplishing future training assignments.

For this sissy to attain a more feminine appearance, s.he will also need to commit to training and learning new sissy skills. To accomplish this part of goal, this sissy will complete the following training assignments:

Beauty Secrets Training

A Pretty Face – a sissy cannot possibly appear feminized without mastering the make techniques described in this wonderful assignment. This sissy will invest in, practice, and become highly proficient in the art of make-up.

Figure Training – If a sissy really want to eventually look like a sissy, s.he must commit to physical appearance! To change physical appearance, this sissy will need to address diet, exercise, and waist training. To accomplish this, this sissy will develop a diet plan with the goal of losing 20lb’s over the next six months. This sissy will also develop a plan to exercise 5 times a week doing a combination of aerobic activity and various exercises that specifically target areas that will enhance desired feminine appearance. Primarily waist, hips, and booty. The objective is to lose weight and muscle mass. To go from looking like a weight-lifter to a swimmer. Although this sissy cannot change bone structure and will probably never pass as a female in public, this sissy can certainly look as feminine as possible! After all, this sissy is not a woman, s.he’s a sissy!

Sissy Nails – This sissy believes that committing to nail care is another routine that will eventually change behavior. This sissy will also keep toe nails so that every morning when s.he first gets up, the first things s.he will see are panties and painted toe nails.

Perfect Portraits – This sissy will invest in the technology that will help take better, clearer, pictures. To this point, this sissy has intentionally avoided that because s.he did not want to show face in public anyway. But, if this sissy expects to complete training assignments, s.he will need to embrace the idea of fully exposing sissy-self!

Girlish Essence Training

Sissy Walk – This sissy has been practicing the sissy walk in 3-inch heels with the goal to complete this assignment in the required 5-inch heels within six months.

Sissy Sex Training 

Fellatio – A sissy must continue to develop the mind-set of serving a Superior. By practicing the art of fellatio (on a dildo for now), this sissy will continue to develop sissy psyche. To accomplish this goal, this sissy will always practice fellatio on House designated wanking day to associate certain forms of sexual gratification with sucking cock.

This sissy is humbled by experience and thanks Madame Stewart (curtsy) and all House Superiors (curtsy) and for this training assignment. This training assignment has helped to refocus this sissy. The first six months of Your wonderful program has affected this sissy in ways s.he would not have imagined. With refocus and commitment, this sissy believes male psyche will continue to be affected and with every new feminine habit, an old male habit will be replaced. This sissy’s hope is that House Superiors (curtsy) finds these resolutions to be acceptable.

Thank You so much (hugs and kisses),
sissy jennifer



  1. Thank You so much Madame Stewart (curtsy). This is such a wonderful sissy training program and such an amazing community ! Sometimes it’s hard for this sissy to accept that s.he really is a sissy. Re-commitment is so important! But this sissy feels so privileged to have such amazing Superiors (curtsy) and so many lovely sisters!

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