Maid Duties
ecatepe | 02.04.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Curtsey to Madame Stewart and the Superiors of the House,

The desire of this sissy to serve her Mistress as Her sissy maid has become ingrained. Sissy maid cecile strives to free her Mistress from the thought of having to look after the household, so that She can devote Her time to more worthy causes instead.

This sissy will take care of the dishes, the laundry, cleaning the bath room, keeping the kitchen tip top, making the floors and all surfaces dust free, getting the groceries and taking out the trash. If Mistress allows, sissy maid Cecile may also cook Her a meal.

Sissy cecile has to do some proper time management, as most of the time her Mistress does not care to be bothered by the sight of Her sissy maid cleaning and fuzzing about when She wants to relax.

As Mistress does allow Her sissy to have a job, this means that sissy maid cecile has to change right away into her attire when coming home from work. By keeping up this routine every day, this sissy can ensure that the household is ready for when her Mistress arrives home. Sissy maid cecile has come to wearing her lingerie under her – boring – work clothes, so that changing when arriving home will take minimal time.

After joining House of Sissify this sissy has picked up that wearing her frivolous maid dress while doing her duties is something that she needs to earn. Sissy maid cecile now considers to leave her maid dress in the dresser, and to stick to wearing her apron over her lingerie and heels until she is being considered worthy to don her outfit.

Curtsey and thank you to the Superiors for taking the time to read this report, hoping it is worthy of Their time.

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