Servitude with Betty
alexis-megumi | 02.09.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

alexis has recently learned that she needs more training on how to show respect to her Superiors. She can’t remember if she completed this training a year in the past and has to re-read it to further broaden her knowledge of the material. She has been without a Superior and must confess that she has had to start from scratch. Well, she remembers more then she thought she had after reading through the material.

This girl believes that the Superiors are right to require her to be properly attired and to address things in her life in the right manner. Not that her opinion matters on the situation as her Superiors know what is best for her. This is a lesson she unfortunately had to learn the hard way and hopes that she can be forgiven as she didn’t do her request in an appropriate manner. She has been walking and sitting as described in this training for the past 4 hours and will continue to do so as required by her superiors. She has also been behaving in this way from time to time as she expresses her femininity in her life. This girl must also confess that she has already been wearing panties 24/7 as she finds them to be super comfortable and sooo cute. She will need to work on kneeling in the proper way and will do so before she goes to bed every night for now on as it is a good skill to have. She is not super excited about the idea of being punished, but she will do as instructed if her superiors see it as needed for her behavior.

This girl loves to compliment Women and to show them the respect that they deserve. She will try to continue this practice and to continue to study/train to be a better submissive to her superiors. She is hoping that this report is adequate and that she has not disappointed her superiors. She also wants to wish her superiors a happy new year and a great day today.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

wonderful, sister. this sissy read the report with great interest. sissy always remembers service does not have and end point, service is a continuing path of growth

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Good start! Now put that intention into action and give Us some examples of your service for your Level II Badge!