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alice_tuva | 09.19.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy began shaving he.r legs and arms and wherever else that must be smooth about a month ago. sissy alice is lucky to be pretty smooth to begin with so there isn’t much sissyscape to take care of. sh.e has always kept the area around he.r sissy clit smooth so there isn’t anything new to report on that topic. What is new for sissy alice though is shaving he.r legs and arms.

As expected the first time was a challenge. sissy alice bought ladies shaving cream and ladies’ razors (pink and lilac colored!). s.he didn’t do enough research however and didn’t realize s.he needed to soak before shaving. The results were pretty bad. sissy alice missed some spots, cut he.rself in a number of places and had very bad razor burn. It was an unfortunate experience and sissy chose not to shave he.r arms or he.r armpits after such a disappointing effort.

After buying some aloe and trying not to itch for a couple of days sissy alice tried again. s.he drew a bath late in the evening and wearing he.r favorite robe and slippers sat on the edge of the tub waiting for it to fill up. sissy was excited to do a better job. s.he finally got in the tub soaked for a bit, applied the shaving cream and got down to business. Again, sissy didn’t do a great job. it took he.r a few more tries before s.he realized s.he was a) shaving too quickly and b) making the perfect the enemy of the good.

Shaving is an experience that is its own reward. It is something that can be started and completed in a short time frame so sissy gets to see the results of he.r efforts, and shaving is a skill. sissy alice was treating shaving like a chore; something to get done quickly and then be forgotten. More research led to sissy learning that slow and steady does win the race when it comes to shaving.

What sissy also learned was that a good shaving experience is one where s.he doesn’t cut he.rself and s.he touches every area that needs to be touched. A great shaving experience is when s.he doesn’t get cut and s.he gets very smooth. If sissy tries to get perfectly smooth s.he is going to have an unpleasant shaving experience. Going over the same sissy real estate with the razor leads to cuts, frustration and razor burn. The time, effort and pain spent dealing with the effects of a bad shaving experience end up making a quick shave turn into a multi-day healing process.

Once these lessons sunk into sissy alice’s head s.he had a much happier time shaving. s.he now takes a bath every morning which is a pleasure all on its own. s.he shaves he.r legs every other day and keeps he.r arms hair free every otyou day as well. It has developed into a great way to begin the day. A bath is so relaxing and rubbing lotion on a smooth pair of legs after getting out of the tub is one of the girliest things this sissy gets to do. Shaving is a lot of work, but it really is something to enjoy and sissy alice is getting better at it each time.


  1. At DragCon LA last spring, there was a delightful presentation by a woman selling “sugaring” services. She explained that dark “five o’clock shadows,” whether on the face or in the armpits, are caused by many passes of a razor and the microtears that result. This sissy doesn’t know whether or not this is medically/scientifically accurate or not, but it was a fascinating discussion. Shaving and the sensation of tights/pantyhose over freshly shaved skin is the closest to heaven on earth that this sissy can imagine. Once hair-free, this sissy could never turn back. Enjoy the sensations!

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