Almost New Years!
katherined | 11.02.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear Mistress,

Your sissy just renewed her tuition at the House for another year and took a moment to reflect on the experience here so far. The House has been a huge help in guiding sissy katherine through the path of sissification. The assignments provide detailed guidance and sissy does her best to learn the concepts and finds repeat-reading can help reinforce learning. The best part of the House is all the positive interaction with the House Superiors and other sissies! :AG:

Your sissy recalls being insecure with sissy’s identity growing up and even later as an adult. But at the House, being a sissy is an identity to be proud of and show off and speak about openly and honestly. This all means it is the first place where sissy has also been able to be honest with herself, let alone to others. The confidence boost of finding pride in being a sissy is inspiring.

The House has helped sissy grow so far with her patience, servitude, and discipline. sissy’s special days have been reduced from a pattern of multiple times daily before joining the house to quarterly (just four times per year) and sissy could not be happier to be honoring the Superiors by focusing on femininity and feminization instead of childish behavior sissy was accustomed to before.

sissy has been motivated to take steps outside of the House training, such as seeking out hair removal, consultations for cosmetic surgery, and initial talks to start a hormone affirming therapy. sissy is also working with a gender therapist to discuss transitioning, as therapist letters of approval are needed to proceed with these activities in Delaware.

As for assignments sissy hopes to complete within the coming year, those are:

1. Domestic Duties – sissy needs to improve her servitude at home.

2. Let’s Go Shopping – sissy has not taken a good shopping trip for too long. sissy did recently purchase new shoes but is looking forward to more tops.

3. The sissy Walk – This is one sissy is confident with and is overdue for the formal training and assignment submission.

4. Tucking – This one will be a challenge for sissy as sissy’s clitty has become very tiny when girlishly soft. So, sissy tends to push inward rather than tucking.

sissy is beyond grateful to be given the opportunity to continue to serve the House Superiors, and to be a part of the incredible experience the House Superiors offer to sissies all over the world. sissy is forever thankful, appreciative, and hopes to grow even further on this path of sissification over the coming year.

Hugs, Love, and Kisses,

sissy katherine

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princess jimmie
10 months ago

katherine, your report inspires this sissy to commit to working harder to improve sissy’s sissification. While this sissy is in a total submission life there are areas sissy can definitely improve and this report inspires sissy to do better. Thank you for it. jimmie

10 months ago

Love this report!

10 months ago

sister katherine; what a lovely report, you inspire us all to be more committed to the house.

Madame Stewart
10 months ago

You are such a wonderful sissy asset to the community honey. We knew the first day with your rainbow hair! While every girl has her own New Year at the House based on her subscription timing, the reflection and resolutions towards the new year is just the same as the turn of the calendar. I like that the basis of your calendar is the House.