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grasshopping | 09.24.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This report is sissy tiffany’s assignment submission for The Good Sissy Guide. In this lesson she learned that her Master’s home should give him release from his daily stresses. He should arrive home to a paradise for him and see that she prepared for his relaxation, pleasure, and release from daily stress. Not only has she prepared herself and his house, but also she will behave how he needs for his needs, sissy tiffany learned.

She learned that while he is away she must make clothes are clean and his house, that his supplies are stocked and his refrigerator full. Then, she must prepare his supper with drinks and desert so his table is set ready when he walks in. In cool months she should provide warm horderves, deserts, and of course drinks. In warm months she must provide cool items like sweets and cool drinks. She may light the fire in cold, and run a breeze in warm as his house can, this sissy thinks.

She must dress herself up every night before his arrival for his enjoyment. This sissy learned that every night for him should be a vacation. She must not judge him or express her problems to him. She learned that her role is his needs and his pleasure. She should turn of all noise items like washers. She may put on Spa Radio or nice and calming music to his liking. She must curtsey to him when he arrives and always when he will like it. She must always smile. She must listen and pleasantly sooth him no matter how hard his day was. She must never complain even if he is late, brings others, or even never shows up. She must treat others he brings as they and he want and enjoy.

After the evening she must help him with his clothes, massage his shoulders, hards, and feet, open his blanket and position his pillow. While he is in the shower this sissy feels that she should set out his pajama set waiting for him.

In all aspects she must show that she knows her place and that she knows his place. Every night is his night not her’s, this is what this sissy learned is right.

After studying this lesson this sissy prepared, presented, withheld her problems, and entertained her Master and his children and it was wonderful.

Love and Kisses <curtsey>,

sissy tiffany


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