Zen Girl
didibee | 01.10.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sorry sissy is apologetic that she took so long to complete her first assignment but she wanted to make sure it was done 120%. Because this sissy took so long she reprimanded herself by inserting her largest butt plug while she diligently and daintily typed away on her assignment.

This sissy found the assignment very stimulating to the sissy sense. As this wet sissy ready each stanza like poetry, the ideals and teachings of what true sissydom was became clearer; Servitude. This sissy drilled into her brain the very meaning of relinquishing all command and authority over to my Superiors. It was obvious after reading that the more a sissy submits to her superiors the more the world makes sense, for all parties involved!

This sissy reviewed the quality replacement table with keen detail to make sure she never emits any negative qualities. Everyday the full attention of this sissy is on eradicating any ego left over from before. Always adopting submissive, passive, weak and liabile positions and avoiding with disgust any position of authority or decision making. This slut knows just where she belongs now. Serving. Obeying. Following. Listening. Believing in the strength and love of her Superiors.

The assignment actually made this sissy’s body and mind relax and the only thing this slut could focus on was how happy my superiors will be to see me relinquish all control to them.

Lots of mooches!oxo

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

A good start with great intention! Next Servitude Report, I want to hear about how you applied your understanding to concrete acts of Service. Two more levels of badges to go!