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pristine | 03.08.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

The clock’s alarm beeps with a thumping bass every morning to signal to the Head of the Household that the day is calling Her glorious name. Everyday, my Queen works extremely hard to make this sissy’s life easier. Mistress wakes up at 5 a.m., to put Her beautiful Self together. Then, She goes to work to deal with difficult people. Well, our awesome leaders Madame Stewart and our Staff have placed a call out to us sissy maids saying “I Want you” to serve mankind and your Superiors.

Focusing on Mistress need

It is so important, therefore, to take care of my Mistresses needs and make her life simpler and relaxing. To accomplish this very worthwhile goal, I have taken steps to guarantee efficiency and progress. First of all, to be efficient this sissy looked up daily plans for cleaning the house and ways to help Mistress.
Time, time, time is an advantage when used to its maximum. Therefore, pristine has been waking up an hour before her Queen. This has helped with organization and preparing meals and accomplishing any tasks Mistress wants. The side effect, for this girly girl, has been a joy and satisfaction in accomplishing all of pristine’s task and seeing Mistress’s life being made easier by doing simple chores: sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters, making beds, making dinners, and packing lunches.

Helping Her relax

With this extra allotment of chronology, sissy has been able to give Mistress Her most favorite foot and back massages. This maid does not wait till asked to do these caring steps. Offering rub downs, to Queen, have come with enthusiastic smiles and quick acceptance. The great part to this sissy is the sincere appreciation She bestows on me; moreover, the blessing of helping Her Majesty is more satisfying to this slave than anything else this maid could contemplate.

Preventative Maintenance

It is very interesting to also figure out that it is actually quite easier to not wait to do tasks, for example, to clean the floor. Prior, sissy would wait to do cleanup or errands and they became burdens of several hours. Now, the job takes minutes and looks and pleases Mistress greatly. That takes a big burden off of pristine and makes sissy pleased in her endeavors to be the best sissy maid possible.

Finally, sissy pristine is very thankful to our Honorable and Beloved Madame Stewart and awesome Staff for helping this maid reach greater heights in her servitude to Mistress. The battle cry “I Want You” is a two way street from Madame Stewart and the Staff to the sissy’s in the House of Sissify.

Thankful and humble Curtsy


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1 year ago

Something we can all strive for with our SO!!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent! What a wonderful report pristine – and what a good sissy you are!