Tucked in Panties
andrea1 | 02.20.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is so anxious to get started in h.er training to become a truly submissive sissy. S.he spent the past half hour or so trying to tuck her little sissy clitty but is not sure how well s.he did. S.he bought a gaffe from a store in New Jersey and is trying to get the smooth appearance that is the objective of tucking as explained by the excellent House training guide but is not sure that h.er ovaries are staying where they belong. I am going to an exercise class in a few minutes where every other attendee is a woman. I will wear my gaffe and stay tucked throughout this exercise period and hope that a knowing woman will notice. I will tell more when I get back.
This sissy hopes to do better and is hoping to get some advice from knowing girls and any Mistress that might condescend to tell me what to do.

Many heartfelt curtsies and adoration to all Superiors.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

No photo? I can’t see how you did honey. Next time – I want to see better Etiquette too!