jsmithcici | 09.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

sissy is fairly successful in business. sissy has learned that success can lead to a person becoming arrogant. Success can lead to one’s ego becoming outsized. Vanity can be a residual trait of success. All of a sudden a person must be in the right clubs, wear the Italian suits, and dine at the best restaurants in order to be seen. All of thee “success traits” are completely in conflict with the qualities of a domesticated sissy. Therefore it is critical for this sissy to have constant reminders of her status and for sissy to always be humble, compliant, mousy, deferential, and resigned. In short submissive. Mistress accomplishes this in several ways. Mistress requires that sissy only wears panties, at all times to remind sissy that she is a submissive sissy. Mistress has devised 10 rules by which sissy must live. Those rules are in sissy’s briefcase and sissy must read them to herself every hour. Those rules revolve around the theme of sissy dedicating her life to Mistress’ happiness. That dedication is supported by sissy’s immediate obedience, complete honesty, and uncompromising devotion. A part of those rules are that sissy will do chores around the house that Mistress directs sissy to do. Doing household chores establishes who and what is sissy. sissy must clean the kitchen. sissy must make the bed. (sissy knew her status clearly one day when sissy had to go to work early while Mistress was still sleeping. When sissy got home Mistress told sissy that the bed needed to be made. Mistress left it for sissy and it’s been that every day since.). Mistress requires sissy to turn Her bed back every night, lower the blinds, and leave a mint on Her pillow. sissy is required to wash and fold all laundry, taking care to do Mistress’ lingere by hand. sissy doing chores is only as it should be. Having Mistress inspect the work and pointing out how it should have been done better has a way of “putting sissy in her place”. In other words reminding sissy that sissy is a humble, compliant, and obedient submissive. sissy loves domestic duties. sissy loves the frilly, lacy panties that Mistress requires sissy to wear when doing Saturday chores. sissy loves it that being a domestic on the weekends (and when home during the week) establishes sissy’s mindset when sissy is at work. Being a submissive maid ensures that regardless of success sissy will always be a submissive, obedient, and compliant sissy at work or anywhere else. Being a domestic reinforces sissy’s place in life whatever the circumstances. Respectfully, jimmie


  1. margeaux

    Wow jimmie, that dedication is so impressive! It is certainly something this sissy wants to attain for herself. This report is such an inspiration for a comprehensive take-down of male ego.

  2. sandy

    you are lucky to have a Superior to actively put you in your place. Thank Her everyday and still you will not be thankful enough. pleasing Her is your real success and it’s wonderful you see that everything else is just pretence. sluts like sandy envy that in you.

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