foxy | 11.05.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy was told once that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

And so, in this sissy’s humble opinion, when a sissy is allowed to be in front of Mistress, since s.he is not supposed to speak unless s.he is told to, the only way to show Her how grateful s.he is for the privilege to be able to serve Her, is body language.

In this, when the sissy is utterly committed to Her will, s.he is able to adopt the corporal postures, no matter how vulnerable s.he can feel with them, which show clearly to Goddess that s.he is totally Hers, for everything She wants, desires or orders… life is Hers.

From this sissy’s modest point of view, the sensation adopting these postures are sublime, and also affects to the sissy’s mind-set, captivating and making even more submissive if possible to all Mistress’ desires, which is the only thing that matter, Her desires, nothing else matters.

Therefore, this sissy thinks unassumingly that it is quite important to practice these postures every time it is possible to embrace them and improve them as much as possible, to be able to show surrender and submission clearly to Goddess the day that She will allow, in Her infinite generosity, to prostrate h.erself at Her divine feet to serve Her as the Goddess She really is. Even, not having a Mistress, they should be practiced regularly because they make the sissy more obedient and subdued, which is the goal of the sissy.

Hoping not bothering any Superior with this humble thought.



    1. Ohhh Ma’am Madame Stewart! How to show the happiness that Your divine words produce to this sissy Ma’am… the pleasure would be of this sissy to be allowed to be at Your divine feet Ma’am humbly adoring You as You deserve as the real Goddess You are Ma’am. It would be the highest honor to this humble sissy Ma’am. *curtsay* Thank You Ma’am *deepest curtsay*

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