jennibel | 10.10.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

jennibel has come to understand that the first step to learning he.r place is respect and humility. This is a required first step to understanding he.r role. A disrespectful sissy is of no use to anyone – and since their very purpose is to serve Superiors – a useless sissy is not a sissy but a you-know-what.

A Superior should not be irritated by poor manners, annoyed by poor spelling or angered by needy sissies. Her needs are what is important. The Staff who read correspondence have limited time, and wasting it having to chastise someone for poor manners serves nobody.

Thank you for reminding jennibal to be mindful of how s.he communicates. s.he hopes her attempt in this missive meets the standards expected of he.r.


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