Shoes of Worship
sissyboyjasmine | 08.21.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has followed Mistress’s instruction and joined the Sissify House to learn to become a better, more well behaved and elegantly lady like sissy girl. S.he so wants to please Mistress and be of service to Her in all possible ways.

This sissyboy is not very well behaved and tends to be a very naughty and difficult sissy to Mistress, and always wants to let manly ways take over. S.he really wants to learn to be a better more feminine sissy for her Mistress, doing all the things expected of and more as a girly sissy should.

S.he really wants to give everything to and in service of her Mistress, as s.he knows how lucky s.he is to have a loving and dedicated Mistress, that loves her unconditionally in return. And this sissyboy needs to learn to bend to her every whim and fancy, to give in to being a true and submissive sissy. To learn to cook and clean to Mistresses standards and to always present herself in the proper manner. S.he must learn to become more obedient and soft and not so hard and aggressive, as feminine “sissy” ladylike manners are what s.he strives for.

This sissy needs to learn to present as a sissy always, even if this means just wearing panties everyday, as requested and demanded by Mistress, and not just when s.he feels like it.

This sissyboy wishes to give up all freedom and manliness to Mistress and with the help of The House of Sissify, wishes to learn how to do this. To learn how to pleasure Mistress, mentally, emotionally and physically.

in submission


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