Smooth and Silky 2
jennifer-14 | 05.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy jennifer admits (s)he is inferior and wishes to update the Superiors on this site as to it’s progress. sissy jennifer will admit (s)he always does not shave in the bath tub, sometimes standing in the shower, due to living circumstances, but fully admits that shaving in the bathtub is the correct and proper way and will work towards increasing opportunities to shave as directed by Superiors. sissy jennifer would like to share some photos of he(r) experiences. As promised Madame Stewart, sissy jennifer is going to show more of who it is in an effort to continue to embrace the sissy life style vs. suppressing it.

sissy will not be showing it’s sissy clit, because sissy does not think this site is about exposing ones sexual organs, but acceptance and working toward a smooth. sissy jennifer first fills the bathtub with Calgon Lavender and Honey bath oil beads, the scent is incredible. sissy jennifer also lines the bathtub with its razor, a dildoe to practice deep throating (after all this is suppose to be a relaxing experience, right :-)) and a jeweled anal plug for the finishing touch. the first thing sissy jennifer notices is how the oils cascade of it’s body and makes everything so silky and smooth, reinforcing my feminine experiences, after all a real man would not be doing this, but a sissy would, yaah!!. the oils really soften the hairs on you body and make shaving so much more enjoyable, but it also makes the shaving lotion less likely to adhere. anyway forging ahead, sissy jennifer relaxes in the scented water, tips her head back and inserts the dildo, must learn to relax and go deep, sissy still gags some during insertion, but will become an expert with practice. before the water cools too much sissy jennifer starts shaving everywhere. sissy is tucked and keeps a sissy triangle to further identify itself as a sissy. sissy jennifer must confess it loves seeing itself tucked and its little triangle showing through its panties, sexy! sissy must also say sh(e) hair colors he(r) patch a darker color to insure it is visible in it’s sissy panties (love vanity fair ravissant perfectly yours another report forthcoming). after finishing my task, sissy jennifer towel dries and applies a mixture of lotions, lubriderm, some promotional lotion and lastly some estee lauder pleasures lotion (just enough there is a hint of the flowerery perfume) mixing all three in the green lotion bottle. as sissy jennifer continue to follow the assignments as written, sissy can feel the difference and desire, wanting to change more. the most important thing sissy has noticed is, no one says anything about my appearance or scent, there is nothing to fear, furthering sissy jennifer’s decisions and making it easier to accept and embrace the lifestyle of a feminized sissy.

sissy jennifer wishes to thank all the Superiors who run this site and all the direction they have given sissy jennifer and sissy looks forward to further assistance in it’s development, a bow and curtsey to end the report


  1. this sissy loved your very detailed report, jennifer. our Superiors/Mistresses are so kind to allow us sissies to keep a triangle in our pubic areas – not only is it a reminder of our status, but it also allows sissies to color the area. i have done the same with my triangle, and have also colored it in shades of pink and purple, which, while not as visible in this sissy’s panties, also reminds of her status.


    1. sissy jennifer bows to Madam Stewart because she is Superior and curtsies, because sissy jennifer is a sissy. sissy jennifer would like to thank Madam Stewart for her time reviewing sissy jennifer’s report and her comments. Madam Stewart is an icon of Superiority to sissy jennifer

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