A sissy serves her Superior
heatherdear | 01.13.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors of the House *curtsy*,

While studying “The Zen of Servitude” this submissive was struck by both the ways her life has paralleled and diverged from the points found in the assignment. Often when her life has thrived it has been when she was in service, listening to her feminine nature. When it failed to thrive it was often from concentrating on herself or misguided male ideals. For many years this girl’s nature was poisoned by masculinity, with its aggressiveness and selfishness. This submissive hopes to remove these traits and replace them with properly feminine ones.

This girl was also struck by the importance placed on the specifics of servitude and femininity especially housework, hygiene, and personal presentation. It had become important to this submissive as she openly transitioned in public to be especially feminine, demure, and pleasantly presented out of respect for the role she wished to take on. It was not her privilege to be born into womanhood, but it is a privilege to be allowed to attempt entry into it through respect, hard work, and service to its ideals.

Humbly Yours *curtsy*,


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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Your reflection on this Assignment was punctuated by your eloquent writing of your trials and tribulations. Yes honey, this is the path – and We’re glad you are on it with the House!