Zen of Servitude
alexandra | 07.24.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This hopelessly inadequate sissy is deeply thankful for the insights in the assignment, “Reflections on the Zen of Servitude”. At the recommendation of the House, she carefully studied this lesson upon joining this beautiful community last Friday. He now feels humbly prepared to submit this report to the House.

She is most grateful that the core of the lesson was so powerful that it influenced the core of this sissy’s understanding of her true being and role as a subservient sissy almost immediately. While this sissy’s understanding is only at its most initial level – and her execution is grossly inadequate – her feelings and actions immediately began to be influenced by the teachings.

She immediately came to the realization that she has a Superior in her life, a fact that had not occurred to her. Her wife is, in fact, her Superior in their relationship. As a Woman the sissy’s wife deserves the utmost respect of this sissy and this sissy’s goal must always be to please her Superior. In doing so she must not only listen to, respect and accept her Superior’s plans, wishes and desires but she must also anticipate those plans, wishes and desires. This sissy must perform every action within her power to satisfy all of those expressed and anticipated desires. Moreover she must perform them with precision and feminine grace to satisfy her Superior.

There are many elements to the precision and grace that this sissy must satisfy to the fullest extent. She must study and practice to perfect the execution of the applicable task whether it be cooking, cleaning, entertaining for her Superior of giving her Superior physical or psychic pleasure. In addition to producing an excellent result, it is imperative that she acts gracefully in a most feminine manner while serving her Superior. She must maintain her appearance such as not having bitten fingernails, not talking when not asked and otherwise not acting is a distracting or annoying manner. She must be conscious of maintaining constant excellent feminine posture and mannerisms when walking, sitting, kneeling and standing. This sissy must always dress appropriately to the Superior’s satisfaction which includes wearing panties at all times. The wearing of panties is critical to this sissy’s training as it is a constant reminder of this sissy’s status as a submissive servant to her Superior.

This sissy must, not only address her Superior’s every spoken or anticipated desire promptly and efficiently and with feminine grace but she must both demonstrate the superior feminine qualities in her performance of her servitude as well as truly integrate these qualities into her psyche. That means completely eradicating those male qualities of aggression, stoicism, egocentricity, selfishness, control, authoritativeness, firmness and roughness from her actions, thoughts and subliminal consciousness. Those qualities bred into this sissy when he was molded as a man must be replaced by the essential feminine qualities that she now desperately desires to integrate fully into her very being of passivity, truly feeling and expressing emotion, remaining self-effacing, generosity, reliance on the Superior, obedience of the Superior, softness and smoothness.

This sissy will devote all of her effort to learning these lessons and serving her Superior’ desires accordingly. Equally important this sissy will apply her fullest effort to eradicate the male qualities identified above from her actions, thought and psyche and fully embrace to the depths of her being the superior female qualities. Achieving these critical goals effectively will take time, enormous effort and intense commitment from this sissy. She will rely upon the support of Madame Stewart and all of the staff , all of her beautiful sisters in the House and, potentially the training of a Mistress if she has the greatest of good fortune to find one that will take this sissy as her servant, to guide her in her quest to improve her miserable self. She thanks Madame Stewart and the other members of the staff for making their wisdom and experience available to her in her quest to improve.

This sissy does, however, understand that she is very flawed and inevitably will fall short at times and, in fact, often. When that occurs she deserves, and requests, punishment from her Superior, from Madame Stewart, from her Mistress if she should be fortunate enough to have one or from her own self-inflicted punishment upon each and every failure. She fully understands that this punishment is critical to her training and is for her own good. The punishment will help her to recognize her failure, to direct her future actions and thoughts and to mold the essence of her psyche so that she may make further progress on her deepest aspiration to achieve perfect feminization and always provide unqualified service to her Superior.


  1. Excellent report and this sissy has taken interest and learned a lot! This sissies goal is to please and be as submissive as possible for her Superior to the fullest, which is also he.r Wife.

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