suzie_spitroast | 08.21.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Thank you so much for reminding suzie to encompass every part of the female mystique. She has been walking in 5″ heels for a long time, but after practicing this difficult assignment several times (suzie can still be uncoordinated, at times) – she has become much more alluring in her strides.

Her hips sway beautifully and it bring far more attention to one of her greatest “ass”ets. When she first practiced it she thought is would be easy (this is why Suzie should not use her brain for anything but pleasure). She found it to be much more difficult than she expected. It took her ten times to get it right (and she will still need constant practice).

Thank you for reminding her that even the more experienced sissy sluts require constant training to remain quality servants.

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9 months ago

The more time you spend in those heels the better you will get