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backdoor training

this sissy has been sent an Assignment from the wonderful House Staff to study and report on backdoor training, a very important step for the true sissy. The assignment is split into four parts; attitude, elementary training, intermediate training and advanced training. sissy will only report on her attitude and elementary training for this report, in order to take her time and appreciate the effort made by the House Staff in compiling this assignment. sissy will not rush into advanced training just yet.


sissy has in the past thought of her anus as her “girl-hole”, the place where she experiences the complete feelings of becoming a girl (or rather a woman considering sissys age). However, since entering the House, she sees it referred to more often as her” sissy cunt”, and since she feels she is on the path to true sissy-hood, sissy has adopted this thinking. A cunt is where penetration is made, whereas a hole can be something dug up in the road. So it feels much more appropriate and fitting to have a sissy cunt.

In her youth, sissy never gave her backdoor much thought beyond trying to maintain clean hygiene. But gradually in her experiences, she found she enjoyed a little fingertip stimulation during sex, involuntarily pushing her bottom out to try to welcome her partners finger, often resulting in premature ejaculation. It took some time for these feelings to grow and form until sissy realised she craved this sensuous stimulation and wanted to “put things up there.” For a while sissy felt a little humiliated at losing some of her masculinity, but she could not deny the pleasure she felt at opening up willingly to be penetrated in her secret little girl hole.

sissy also started to grow interest in her partners backdoor, at first stimulating it during sex, but eventually wanting to explore lower than her partners vagina, if permitted.. to kiss… lick… adore Her rosebud and seal her lips all around it passionately This was a luxury not often afforded, but savoured when allowed.

Now sissy feels her attitude to backdoor activities is healthy and positive, even embracing, although it is up to the House Staff to judge this.

elementary training

sissy has studied the training manual from the House and has begun to regularly practise the very helpful tips and advice.

Every time she showers she pays close attention to washing her sissy cunt. This is not new, of course, but is now carried out with the knowledge that she is obeying the House Staff and following their guidance. After running the razor up her legs and around her sissy clitty, she lifts one foot onto the side of the bath, eases her buttocks apart, and gently runs the razor in her crack to clean away any unwanted hairs. sissys cunt should only be presented to its Mistress when it is completely clean and smooth. Drying off and applying a little femfresh powder, she feels ready to put on a clean pair of panties.

If she has time, sissy will apply a little lubricant and slip her manicured finger up inside as far as she can, clenching her cunt around it and embracing it. As it begins to relax and slide, sissy will probe in and out, quietly repeating to herself “I am a sissy girl, I am a sissy girl, I love my sissy cunt.” sissy tries very carefully not to orgasm during this, as she has not gained the necessary permission, however, she is satisfied in just the knowledge that she has become a submissive little sissy.

if sissy is graced with a special day, sissy loves to wear her special panties with the cut out at the rear, allowing her Mistress Wife easy access to inspect and caress sissys cunt. sissys special panties do not stay clean and dry for very long when this happens, the heavenly finger invading her sissy cunt quickly brings her to ecstasy as she releases her sissy-juice, and her sissification is complete.

sissy curtseys to the House Staff and humbly submits this training report for grading.


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