Worship the Divine Feminine
kim-2 | 04.09.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

This sissy would like to express her gratitude to let her participate to this program. s.he understand that her purpose in life is to serve and worship all Women. This sissy will do anythings requested by her Superiors in a timely fashion when requested. Also s.he will take the initiative and do what is required to improve her Superiors comfort and well being.

This sissy will also do anything in her power to maintain a proper sissy appearance. This include, but not limited to: posture, fashion, curtsy, etc. The outcome of observing these keys points make this sissy more graceful and smooth.

s.he as change her attitude for a softer and obedient personality. Turning her back to those rough manners s.he use to have.

It is with great pleasure that this sissy is observing mandatory panties at all time, unless directed other wise by a Superior. This is remanding her that s.he is under constant control of her mistresses.

This sissy is seeking better knowledge of women so s.he constantly improve her servitude to all women. s.he knows that all women are superior and they deserve to be treated as such.

In conclusion, a day without serving, worshiping,or  caring for a Woman is a very sad day for this sissy and s.he will do anything to not let that happening.

your devoted sissy slut

sissy kim


  1. sister kim. princess sissy is incredibly happy sister has embarked on a life of servitude! sissy has traveled this wonderful path to improve and serve more and more. sissy loves Wife and all sissy does for Her. princess sissy has studied the assignments and rigorously applied then for about two years now. Wife now desires princess sissy to be castrated as furthe development. for a desire to help sister and never to in any way show non- sissy behavior, sister suggests that sister reads the report on servitude sister posted. there are other fine sisters with their reports to read. the point is we all want to help sister grow and grow. xo

  2. That’s the right state of mind kim!

    This sissy sees so much sissies telling how they would love to serve a Superior sexually. Sex, sex, sex. selfish.

    It’s the Superior well being and comfort that are important. eva is so pleased to see that you wan’t to understand Women to serves them even better.
    Sex is a reward not a way to worship. (Well unless the Superior says otherwise).
    I’m proud of you. you’ll be a great sissy if you keep going.


    sissy eva.

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