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donnawillserveyou | 01.31.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

In addition to prior reports on sluts service and submission this time slut describes how slut has grown further in submission with detailed services being performed, in this case slut’s laundry service. slut offers this to sisters who seek to know how this slut is constantly trying to improve service for Wife.

1. slut began oblivious to laundry which Wife did at the time.

2. sluts first service began as slut realized what Wife was doing for slut, slave decided to always wash her own underwear, so Wife did not have to deal with her slut slaves dirty clothes. Wife did seem confused then but She knew slut was a sissy in nature

3. sometime later slut went to sluts dresser for new underwear and instead of seeing the Man underwear and sissy panties hidden underneath sissy saw the drawer held only Women’s panties. sSlut was both excited and surprised. this meant Wife had decided sissy might as well wear what sissy was trying to hide. this slave was happy, happy, happy to see Wife seeking to make slut more a sissy.

4. later Wife said to slut- do not touch My intimate clothes and wash all yours separately all the time.

5. slut washes all sluts own clothes to this day.

6. not too long ago, as Wife saw this sissy slave gr)owing in servitude She told sissy to do all the laundry and put it away (this includes all in Wife’s suite and Her intimates. slut just is overcome with Wife’s dirctions to slut and is so glad to obey.

7. while Wife is gone for most of the day sissy slave took a big step and pulled the sheets and pillow cases of Wife’s bed and washed and dried them, made the bed with the cover turned back invitingly. this slave was in terror that Wife would be horribly mad about this because slave had not asked to do it.

8. Wife continued seeing slut fix breakfast, scrub and clean Her House and more so She seemed undisturbed by laundry service, which continues to this day. slut jumped for joy and was happy, happy, happy.

9. slut’s service has grown from there to do all laundry, including mattress pads on the bed, comforters, bedspreads and more

10. slut now takes Wife’s clothes needing dry cleaning to the cleaners. slut needs to improve in properly ask cleaner to do things in a correct manner. slut loves to wear sandals Wife gave slut that show some of sluts toes polish in public. slut knows Wife enjoys humiliating slut.

11. slut has studied housework and laundry and is now doing all the laundry about two times a week with multiple loads, water based on colors, water temperatures, types of soaps and softeners. similarly with drying temperatures and cycle times Wife appears happy, happy, happy seeing slut carrying around the laundry, making beds etc. slut is carefl to never have any chemicals lft on sheets or towels that may bother Wife..

12. slut reserves one special day each week to do Wife’s intimates with special care

13. in the future slut will study more how to do things more perfectly for Wife

14. slut has read about new technology where clothes and be cleaned not using soaps or scents so the are totally fresh, no hidden tiny amounts of hidden detergent and so forth

15. slut will study this and will buy such a unit for Wife. Wife controls all money so slut will have to present her findings to Wife in a totally subservient way. maybe slut will properly claim sluts poor performance not providing this level of service?

16. slut loves making Wife happy, prancing around doing chore after chore with happiness in sluts mind

this sissy slave slave is so happy, happy, happy to share with sluts sisters and encourage constantly improving servitude


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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

I learned about a new way to ionize and purify the clothes without detergents and bleaches honey! Thank you for your research, and your consistent service to your Superior – and most of all, following My direction and letting Me see the results!