Dildo Madness

Learning how to suck

sissymelinda | 09.19.2017 | Assignments - sissySexuality

Step 1 was buying a dildo. This may seem like a simple task, but to the closet sissy it was very scary. Sissy often just orders things online, but this seemed like something she wanted to do in person. An extra large plug was inserted first, partially as a punishment reminder of my low status as a sissy but partially as a treat for stepping out into the world to buy such a fun training toy. It was very uncomfortable being in this section of the sex store, mostly being sissy was getting so horny looking at all the fun toys! Finally a nice size 6″ dildo was picked out, that has great balls on the bottom and a suction cup in case a Mistress wants sissy to practice on other parts. Once home sissy puts on her favorite wetlook leggings and corset, a dark red lipstick, blonde wig and heels. For the next few hours it was all sucking. Remembering a time when sissy was treated like a man and received a blowjob, sissy started just on the tip where it is very sensitive and used lips and tongues but NO teeth. Then sliding further and further until the dildo was hitting the back of her sissy throat and tears were coming down her cheeks. It was a great day for sissy training 🙂


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