A sissy serves her Superior
danielle1979 | 09.16.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has spent much of her years doing all i can to satisfy women. To live for Women, do all chores for Women, be used by Women. this sissy feels worth only when i am doing somethinng that brings pleasure and happiness to my Mistress.

i have become very accustomed to doing all the chores…cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. this sissy’s wants are irrelevant…i do all I can for Women without wanting anything in return. i have become humble as a “man” and see all Women as the superior gender.

This sissy wears panties under her clothes everyday, to constantly remind myself i am not a real man, and where i belong in this world.

This sissy is working on walking and sitting like the sissy i am. i feel i am coming along with sitting, as this sissy only sits with her legs crossed. However i know i can improve on how i hold my hands as i sit (folded in my lap, etc). Walking is the challenge, and this sissy will continue to work at it. i find myself foolishly taking longer strides as it is very humiliating and scary for me to walk like a sissy in fear of being noticed or mocked…but i know that is my life and what i must accept.

In closing…this sissy is dedicated to lending my life to pleasing Women. i understand i am not fit to be a real man, and this sissy craves a stern Woman to humiliate and dominate me into the role i am most suited for…a sissy slave to a dominant gorgeous Mistress.

sissy danielle


  1. Ohhhh…that walk. This sissy is well-aware of the sissy’s concern for being outed by a walk but this sissy strives to walk like a cheerleader that this sissy idolized when this sissy was in high school. Lori glided when she walked – so effortless and so lovely. This sissy sees Her in this sissy’s mind every time this sissy walks. Keep up the amazing reports! This sissy loves them. 🙂

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