sissykatie3 | 04.08.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy is grateful for the opportunity afforded to it by the Superior Mistresses at The House of Sissify to learn proper sissy conduct and etiquette. This sissy understands that it must and should express its respect for and inferiority to Powerful Women in its correspondence with its Superiors at The House of Sissify. Furthermore, this sissy has begun integrating these lessons into its interactions with Women in its daily life. This sissy has begun capitalizing the word you in its correspondences, and it has also begun writing its own name in lowercase letters. This sissy feels fulfilled and proud living and behaving like a proper sissy should.

This sissy thanks the Mistresses at The House of Sissify for guiding it to its true purpose. This sissy realizes that it has a long way to go, and that it must practice and train everyday to fulfill its destiny as a sissy slave. Thus, this sissy will continue to review the lesson on proper conduct and etiquette, and will not waste the time and effort that the Mistresses at The House of Sissify have spent on its behalf. Thank You once again for this illuminating lesson. Have a blessed day.

Love and Kisses,

sissy katie


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