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This sissy as learn and appreciate the importance of punishment for the errant sissy assignment. This is serious business. sissy kim understand that punishment should not be use as a source of enjoyment. Instead, it will be use to correct bad behavior with shame, pain and repentance.

Punishment is part of a process for sissy’s to become who they truly are. It begins with the recognition and confession of a transgression, with shame and submission. Next, this sissy need to make reparation for her mistake thru punishment. Again, not to be confuse with enjoyment. This will ensure the lesson as been learn and never to be forgotten. Repentance must involve an all-out, total surrender to the House of Sissify’s program or that of a Superior.

This sissy as built punishment device for self flagellation. s.he will use it on her self when and as directed by a Superior.

Lastly,there should be a difference after the process of confession and punishment. sissy kim will learn from her mistake and hope to become the submissive sissy s.he is met to be.

Note, chastity device on the picture was imposed by Mistresse.

your devoted

sissy kim

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1 year ago

a really nice report sister. Thanks 🙂

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent report and realization honey. There is nothing more terrible for a Dominant than a sissy who desires punishment for pleasure. It flips the entire D/s power exchange on its head, and there is nothing worse than topping from the bottom is there?

This will assure you won’t have to use that punishment device for awhile.