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sissy candice requested a Masturbation Schedule, but then thought, if approved it would be best for he.r to complete the training so s.he would be able to masturbate properly.

The overall intention of the Assignment was to teach the importance of proper masturbation and how to do it. Your sissy learned a lot from this assignment. The assignment was broken into two main methods for masturbation, elementary and intermediate.

Your sissy learned the techniques to masturbate, as well as the thoughts s.he should have, and words/phrases s.he should say for each method. Your sissy also learned the proper way(s) to dispose of cum (it depends on the reason for masturbation).

Whenever becoming aroused Your sissy will remind he.rself; “This is my sissy-clit”. During elementary masturbation s.he will repeat, “sissy candice is a very pretty girl”. When s.he cums she will follow the instructions to a T. After climaxing s.he will repeat that s.he is a pretty sissy. Your sissy will learn to enjoy he.r masturbation, not simply for the physical pleasure but for the psychological pleasure knowing s.he is taking the correct steps to further he.r feminization.

sissy candice found this assignment to be very helpful. There was a bunch of great information. It gave Your sissy a better understanding of proper masturbation and the assignment will be very useful to he.r when s.he is allowed to try these methods.

This sissy is very grateful to the House, all Mistresses, Masters, and Superiors for this assignment and knowledge.

Kisses, Hugs, and Love,

Your sissy, (curtsy)



  1. nicely done sweet sister. this sissy slave does sluts best to always think of serving and sluts orgasm is from service and her fingers on her clitty really being unnecessary – at least that’s the goal 🙂

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