ginav | 02.08.2020 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy humbly submits this report on practicing and developing sissy walk.

gina in heelsWhen confronted about wearing Her high heeled shoes and denying it, my Mother called this sissy out pointing to the evidence – rubber skid marks on the linoleum floor. This sissy had so much fun practicing sissy walk as a child, loved to swing tushie as s.he walked, totally enthralled with seeing movies where Powerful Women strode confidently in their high heel shoes, hammering the pavement or floor with their distinctive, abrupt, dominant-sound as heels hit the floor.

High heels are definitely an aid to developing a sissy walk, much like training wheels on a two wheeled bike for the novice. Once mastered, however, it’s every sissy’s dream to present their finest sissy walk with heels clicking for the amusement of Women.

This sissy’s first pair was purchased during the disco era – platform sandals, swoon, this sissy spent countless hours developing sissy walk in those exquisite shoes – swoon. This sissy has also experimented with home made padding to accentuates hips and buttocks to appear more Womanly when practicing sissy walk. Like a meditation, exercising sissy walk places sissy in proper mind set, consciously striving to mimic the Superior gender, regardless whether that is in form of caricature, giving one more, very tangible way to immerse h.erself in Femininity and strive, albeit in vain to present an authentic Female appearance. Sorry if this is too long, but practicing sissy walk is one of this sissy’s favorite activities!

Thank-You for presenting this assignment and Your kind attention.

Respectfully Yours, ginav

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7 months ago

Congratulations to sissy sister ginaV for earning the Sissy Walk Badge!!

Madame Stewart
7 months ago

Can’t hide nothing from Momma! 🙂