Serve your Superior!

Let go of manhood, embrace servitude!

sissycourtney | 01.26.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

Before sissy courtney begins her report, she would like to insert an important passage from the Zen of Servitude.

“If one professes to be a sissy and yet cannot submit his actions to his Superior he is little more than an imposter, a wannabee, a pawn to his own inflated ego, feeling that somehow if he manages to feminize himself he will be even greater. Yes. You better read that again. This kind of sissy is nothing more than an egotistical male mocking the superiority of Women. Not only is he not a sissy but he is not even a man. Truly he is deplorable and worthy of little more than contempt.”

This is so important for a sissy on a fundamental level. Many sissies will buy all of the clothing and toys and the purge when they blew their load. Maintaining a servile attitude, which is complementary with being chaste, keeps us sissies centered on the Zen of Servitude.

sissy courtney has always wanted to serve Women before herself and that must be the foremost thought in a sissys little brain: pleasing Her. Her. She. Sorry…sissy got intimidated and excited just thinking of Her…

The Zen of Servitude also taught to have every Woman on my mind, not just Mistress. At work today, this sissy kept that in mind as she is surrounded by powerful Women. When one may get upset at me for my performance, i apologize and i do not make the same mistake again. sissy courtney never argues and smiles at all of the amazing Women surrounding the sissy. Sometimes, courtney is jealous of real men as they swoon some of the Women, but having learned my place as a sissy, i embrace being a sissy.

sissy courtney also liked the passage on forgetting male qualities and learning feminine ones. sissy courtney will be more passive and reliant and sensitive and emotional, since the male version of me was definitely arrogant and selfish.

sissy courtney would like to end her report by talking about her emotions while reading the Zen of Servitude.

sissy courtney is subservient. Some would think that is low and disgraceful. But that is my place and sissy is proud to be servile and will work to remain docile in all interactions.

sissy courtney


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