candicesweets | 11.04.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

Firstly, this sissy would like to apologize to all Superiors of the House. Please forgive sissy candice, but s.he did not realize there was a place to submit a report on Proper Correspondence Etiquette until after s.he noticed several sisters had turned in reports. Instead, sissy candice had simply commented on the Proper Correspondence Etiquette thread. Please forgive this sissy for making a silly mistake.

Now, thank You to all Superiors for making a very clear assignment and instructions for how this sissy is supposed to communicate and correspond. This sissy fully understands the importance of addressing Superiors in the proper fashion and with respect. This sissy also understands that s.he must be patient when communicating with Superiors; not to expect an immediate response and not to bug Superiors with continued communications.

sissy candice will always remain respectful when communicating with Superiors and sisters of the House. This sissy will refrain from using any form of sarcasm or arrogance. When messaging and corresponding with Superiors and sisters, this sissy will keep in mind not to make a “me, me, me” message, but use third person and be thoughtful of who s.he is speaking with.

This sissy will always address Superiors with capital letters (Mistress/Master/Superior/You/Your) and refer to he.rself in lowercase. New emails will not be composed once an initial email is received, but instead a thread will begin and will continue. This will limit clutter of a Superior’s email and will help carry on a proper communication. All communications sissy candice sends will be proofread to limit any possible errors.

Rule #1, “The Superior always makes the rules,” is fully understood by sissy candice and s.he will never question or second guess a Superior’s rule.

This sissy again apologizes to all Superiors of the House for delaying this report and not understanding there was a place to submit the report from the beginning. Thank You again for making it clear how this sissy must correspond.

Kisses, Hugs, and Love,

Your sissy, (curtsy)


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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Good manners are a way of showing other people that we have respect for them. It’s that simple!